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Find Professional Voice Over Artist With Fiverr

(Last Updated On: April 4, 2022)

In this article, we will discuss the Professional Voice Over Service in Fiverr. If you are a businessman, digital marketer, or a YouTuber then you definitely know the importance of a good human voice-over video for explaining your product or services to engage more audience. If you are not able to explain your business to prospective clients then how will you get more sales, leads, or conversions?


Why do you need a Professional Voice Over Artist?

Some people know the skills for creating a simple voice-over video but not all of us have a nice radio-sounding voice but for reaching to more audience, the ordinary video will not help. There are many problems in creating a voice-over like-

  • Everyone doesn’t feel comfortable recording their own voice.
  • Some people don’t have a good recording tools.
  • Not everyone knows the desired language well enough to record a voiceover.

Every company requires a different type of voiceover, which is best suited to their profile and budget. So here is the solution for you to get Professional Voice Over service which will help you in this.

Before going to choose your voice-over artist you should also do some ideation for your voice-over requirement. By doing this you can easily give the specifications to the artist.

Why to choose Professional Voice Over service from Fiverr?

Fiverr has thousands of expert and talented freelance Voice Over artists from all over the world. They will create a voiceover as per your requirements or budget. You can easily hire any freelance artist to get your professional voice-over that suits your brand and style.

Find Professional Voice Over Artist With Fiverr

Fiverr provides you the option to choose the style, time, budget, etc for your voice-over need. You can easily search for a freelancer who has top star ratings and also suit your pocket. These freelancers remotely record your voice-over as per your requirements and deliver it to you online.

How to choose a Best Professional Voice Over Artist in Fiverr?

For creating a Professional Voice Over as per your requirement you have to decide on some points like-

  1. What type of voice do you need
  2. How much budget you can spend
  3. How early do you need the delivery of our voice over file

Fiverr gives you all options here on their platform so you can filter them easily as per your requirement. I will discuss all the filters one by one so you can choose the best artist for you.

Select Voice Over Language-

Here you can choose the language for your voice-over need from many options. You have to just click the desired language and Fiverr will show you the freelance Voice Over artist list in that particular language category. Some languages are like-

Find Professional Voice Over Artist With Fiverr

Voice Over Category-

Find Professional Voice Over Artist With Fiverr

After selecting the language it is important to choose a category for your voice-over requirement. As before searching for an Artist, you have done your homework about your requirement for voice over which we have discussed earlier.
There are many options available in Fiverr to choose from-

  • Voice Over– This option is for all type of voice over not for any particular purpose.
  • Article to Video– Choose this option if you have any kind of article available for converting it into a video.
  • Audiobook Production– When you want to publish an audiobook, you can choose an artist who has experience in this category.
  • Video Editing– Choose this option when you want to make a video by doing editing in any recorded videos or images of any kind.
  • Whiteboard and Animated Explainers– For any kind of explainer videos about your product or services, you can choose this option.
  • Audio Ads Production– If you are planning to run your audio ads in audible platforms then you can select a artist from this categry.
  • Translation- This is a very important category for those who want to create a new video by changing the language of a pre recorded video for increasing their reach in different countries e.g. English to Japanes, English to Chinese, English to Spanish etc.

Voice Over Option-

Find Professional Voice Over Artist With Fiverr

Here you can choose more services like

  • Gender– Select this option as per your requirement of video whether you want male or female voice.
  • Purpose– Select purpose of your video for which you want to buy voice over service whether it is for Video Narration, Radio Ad, TV Ad, Audio Book, e-Learning etc.
Find Professional Voice Over Artist With Fiverr
  • Accent– Accent is important to choose as per your targeted audience language.
  • Age Range– This selection is also very important as per your video content. As per age, voices can be used for different purposes.
  • Tone– Choose tone of your video voice over like- energetic, casual, corporate, calming, etc.
  • Other Services

Seller Details-

Now the most important part for selection of a freelance voice-over artist. Here many options are also given in the list from which you can filter your artist-

Find Professional Voice Over Artist With Fiverr

Seller Level– Here is the option to choose your voice-over artist as per their level- Every artist starts working from level one then as per experience and ratings from satisfied customers they achieve a higher level. There are 4 options to choose from-

  • Top Rated Seller
  • Level Two
  • Level One
  • New Seller

Seller Speaks– The language of voice-over artists is also very important to point. For any type of communication, you should know in what language your selected artist speaks. Fiverr gives you the option of 30 languages to choose from.

Seller Lives In– This point is also very important. As I discussed earlier that Fiverr has freelance artists from all over the world. So their timing of work can be different according to their country. You can choose your voice-over artist from more than 100 countries that match your time for any kind of communication.


Find Professional Voice Over Artist With Fiverr

As per the budget, you can add a minimum & maximum amount which you can pay for your professional voice-over.

Delivery Time-

Find Professional Voice Over Artist With Fiverr

As per your requirement, you can choose the delivery slot. Here Fiverr gives you 4 options. When you are in a hurry and want the same-day delivery of your voice-over file, you can choose the Express 24H option. But if you have time to check the voice option presented and want to try for more versions or have revisions in specification then choose other options.

  • Express 24H
  • Up to 3 days
  • Up to 7 days
  • Anytime

Pro Services-

When You ON this feature Fiverr will only show you the Verified Professionals who are vetted for their quality and services.

Subscription Services-

If you have planned to take this service for your clients on regular basis then you can select this plan. When you ON this button you can choose those Gigs, which have monthly subscription plans available.

Online Seller-

This option shows you that how many artists are currently online on the Fiverr platform. So you can take their services without delay.

Evaluate Seller Profile-

After narrowing your list of voice-over artists as per your requirement, check the profile of artists in the list. When you click on any profile there is much detail available about the artist and their work experience.

Find Professional Voice Over Artist With Fiverr

Here you can see-

  • How many projects he/ she has already completed
  • How many ratings artist got in previous works
  • Package details like How much time it will take, How many revisions can be made, Price, No. Of Voice Over, File Format, etc (Compare packages)
  • Most important you can read reviews of previous clients for more clarity about artists.
Find Professional Voice Over Artist With Fiverr

After viewing the profiles, make your list for selected artists, and ask your queries directly to them by the Contact Seller option, if any. And Don’t forget to give your specification about voice over which you have earlier decided for more clarity.


Fiverr is a trusted brand with a big team of freelance voice-over artists. So you can trust them for your voice-over requirement. Also, they have many price ranges available for their services from which you can choose.

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