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Fliki Review: How This Text To Speech AI tool is Different

(Last Updated On: December 6, 2022)

If you have landed on this page so definitely you are looking for a tool to generate text to speech voiceover for your video or create a text to speech video with the help of AI. So this article is for you.

Video creators are in high demand these days. But the problem is that video creators often don’t have the time to create a video for every project they are assigned to. This is where AI-powered video creation tools come in handy.

In this article, we will be going to discuss a new AI tool Fliki which can be helpful for every type of content creator. Whether you are a Youtuber or selling your audiobooks or want to start your podcasts, this tool can be a game changer.


Role Of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools In Content Creation

Artificial Intelligence tools are essential for all types of creators. AI tools allow text to speech and text to video creators to create content without the need for a human voice. This saves a lot of time and energy for them, especially when they are making videos that are in a language that they do not speak fluently or at all.

AI-powered video creation tools can help you create videos at scale, without having to spend hours on each one. They can also generate subtitles, captions, and translations automatically, which is especially useful for companies who want to expand into new markets with their content. or create their own branded content in foreign languages.

What is Fliki?

Fliki is an AI-powered text to speech and text to video creator tool. It can help you create videos and audio by simply typing the content. It has a simple interface where users just need to type in their message and hit the “create” button. The Fliki will then read out your message in a human voice or convert it into video format if you choose to do so.

With Fliki you can generate output files in more than 75 languages, 100 accents, and 800 different voices. It can be used for various purposes, such as education, business presentations, interviews, podcasts, and more.

Watch The Video For a Complete Review of Fliki Text to Speech AI Tool-

If you prefer to watch videos rather than read text, please watch the video below till the end to get complete information about this text to speech AI tool and its features.

How To Create Text To Speech Videos With Fliki AI?

As Fliki supports more than 75 languages, 100 accents, and 800 voices so you have the liberty to create your output files for your audience all over the world. You can check all voice samples before choosing anyone like “Sara – a female AI voice”. 

With Fliki currently, you can create Audio, Video, Audio Books, and Podcasts. Firstly we will be going to discuss the process of creating Audio & Video files with the help of this AI tool.

Steps to create Text To Speech Audio File

In Fliki, you can create your audio in these below simple steps-

  1. Start your work by creating a new file with the ‘Audio only’ option.
  2. Write or paste your script into the template. Also, you can import your script file through the URL.
  3. Choose the language of your audio file
  4. Select the gender and desired voice from the list of more than 800 available voices.
  5. Convert it into voice over audio in a single click.

Other Advance Editing Features

Advance Editing Features are also available in Fliki to make your text to speech audio file more natural like-

  1. Section– Add or remove paragraphs in your scripts by +/- sections
  2. Emphasize– Select the words you want to highlight in your audio file by clicking the “Emphasize” option.
  3. Pauses– Add pause by selecting a space after or before important points.
  4. Pitch and Rate– Adjust the speed of speech as per your requirement to make it audible as per your audience.
  5. Pronunciation– If you want to modify the pronunciation of any word, you can add it.
  6. Import from URL– Fliki gives you the option to import a script from any URL of your blog or website to convert it into speech.

Steps to create Text To Video Easily-

Below are simple steps of Fliki by which you can create your video file-

  1. Start your work by creating a new file with the ‘Video’ option.
  2. Write or paste your script into the template. 
  3. Select the gender, dialect, language, and desired voice from the list of more than 800 available voices. In the Pro version, you can also select a voice style i.e. Angry, Cheerful, Excited, etc.
  4. Next, choose the video or images from the Fliki image stock or import your own images for video creation. Fliki also gives you the option to create images with their AI Art tool.
  5. Now adjust the style of your Subtitles i.e. font, size, placement and select the video format.
  6. Add background music to your video from Fliki’s copyright free music library or upload your own track and hit the Save button.
  7. Check the preview of your video and export it to share with your Fans.

Pricing Of Fliki

Fliki is available at a very cost-effective rate for professionals and also gives free monthly credits to check the whole work process in a free plan as shown below-

Fliki Review: How This Text To Speech AI tool is Different


I’ve done my best to explain the features and benefits of the Fliki so that after reading the honest review, you can come to a conclusion. This is, in my opinion, the best available AI tool for creating text to speech audio, text to speech video, audiobooks & podcasts which you should definitely try.